Sunday, 4 May 2008

Manintosh Support: Do Macs Get Viruses

It is possible for an Apple Macintosh to get a virus, so the short answer to the question is “Yes”. However, the likelihood of an Apple Macintosh user getting a virus when compared to a Microsoft Windows user is very little to none. In fact, many of the Apple Macintosh users don’t even run an antivirus protection program.
Below are some of the reasons why Apple Macintosh computers do not have as many viruses as Microsoft Windows.
1)Newer Macintosh operating systems, such as the Mac OS X, is built on the Unix kernel, which is one of the oldest and most secure operating systems available.2)Microsoft Windows is used by a lot more users. Because more users use Microsoft Windows, it is a lot better of a target than Apple Macintosh computers.3)Most of the virus writers are familiar with the IBM platform and Microsoft Windows, and therefore are only going to be able to create a virus for that platform.4)Many of the tools and scripts used to help users create viruses or other malware are designed for Microsoft Windows.
Note: If you’re running a virtual PC on your Apple Macintosh, because it’s emulating Microsoft Windows, it can become infected with Windows viruses and you should be running an antivirus protection program on it. In addition an Apple Macintosh can serve as a virus carrier, meaning that a virus could be stored on an Apple Computer yet not infect it. But if that computer were to connect to a network or a user was to forward an infected e-mail to a Windows computer that could become infected.

This is a list of virus programs that support different systems:

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