Sunday, 4 May 2008

Computer Support: NTLDR IS MISSING

A problem I had recently was on boot up my screen displayed ‘NTLDR is missing’.
this means new technology loader is missing, which means your computer is booting from an unbootable source, this is caused becuase the file may have been delted or corupt by a virus.
how to resolve:
DONT WORRY, it is fixable. you need your restore discs that came with your comp when you bought it, now if you start your computer and put these discs in it will go to master reboot, this will restore your computer to the way you bought it, however it will wipe your hardrive.
now, if you have important files and photos that you dont want to lose you are still o.k., you should have them backed up though, as i have learnt.
Now to get your comp working again you will need to remove your hardrive (refer to owners manual), after you have removered the hardrive you need to put it in to a ‘hardrive caddy’, which you can get from any computer shop and online, when you put your hardrive in to the caddy connect it to another computer oyu can accses.
once connected i recomend that you scan ot for viruses and remove them. one you have done that open the hardrive in ‘my computer’ on the start menu, open, and look at the files you need and copy them to a folder on the computer the you are using.(note you may have to format your hardrive when you have coied the files you want, this will clean the hardrive and it will speed up the reboot process).
once you have copied your files put your hardrive back in YOUR computer (the one that is not working).
once you have inserted the hardrive, boot the computer up with the restore discs in. now you can use the master reboot, because your files are backed up. select the master reboot, it will take a while to restore, it will go throgh ‘ghost’, which will put your computer back to the way your bought it.
if when you insert the hardrive into the caddy it is not read your hardrive is ‘dead’ and nothing can be do about it. you will have to buy a new hardrive and just master reboot it out of the box,because you have no files on the new one.
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