Sunday, 4 May 2008

Computer Support: My Computer Is Realy Slow

Another problem i have had in the past is my machine starts to slow down significantly, and i thought to my self I will have to gat a new computer, however DONT WORRY, its fixable; there are many ways in which you can dramaticly speed up your computer.
Starting with:

1)The Easy Way, this method of speeding up your computer only works on some, and if it does work sometimes its not that impressive, to do this method you need to get a anti-virus program (I Suggest Norton) and install it, once in stalled do a complete scan on your computer and leave it until it is complete, and Norton deal with the viruses. This should speed up your computer if it is viruses.

2)The Mediocre Way, this step needs you to gat an anti-virus program and do a omplete scan of your computer, once this is done go to ‘my documents’ and delete some of the UNWANTED files, folders, photos, videos, ect. This should speed up your computer a little more that the first one.

3)The Advanced Way, (WARNING: THIS METHOD WILL TAKE ALL YOUR FILES AND PROGRAMS IF YOU DO NOT BACK THEM UP FIRST ON A EXTERNAL HARDRIVE OR ANOTHER COMPUTER, YOU CAN ALSO REMOVE THE HADRIVE AND PUT IT AN A ‘CADDY’ ON COPY THE FILES TO ANOTHER COMPUTER). once you have completed the back up you need the restore discs that came with the computer, re-boot the computer with the discs in and select master re-boot, this will resote the computer too the way you bought it, the fast state, now you can just restore all your files you backed up, or just get a new hardrive and transefe the files.


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